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Music, Storytelling, Statistics

Superbard is George Lewkowicz, a storytelling statistician who uses programming, music and film.

Future society is George’s fascination. Looking at the world and economic system as a statistical model, he appears on the Jeremy Vine Show, Radio 4, and got on the right side of Paxman on BBC Newsnight.

Telling those stories that push the boundaries of technology and data uses the power of his Creative Writing MA and Mathematics and Statistics BSc.

He has performed solo at the Edinburgh Fringe in four technology driven storytelling shows, including Superbard: The Flood, which had an accompanying eBook with music and illustrations. He’s just as happy behind the scenes, winning best director and best film in the London 48 hour film awards and directing Jack Heal’s entertainment lecture Do Scientists Dream of Synthetic Sheep?

His short stories have been published in The Mechanic Institute’s Review and he self-published his novel, The White Beyond the Wall.

George loves music and plays with musical technology for theatre, film and his band Light Emitting Dinosaurs.

He works as an Actuarial consultant with particular expertise in risk-based models.

George is always looking for the next exciting thing, so if you’ve got any ideas do get in touch! He lives in Brixton with his wife Nikki, son Ru and Wolverine the cat.