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Current Projects


Obviously I'm having a play, it's the intersection of words and tech! Here's a mini text game I've built. See what you think. Now I've built this I'm thinking of something longer form.


This site has been a bit quieter with fewer projects for a sensible reason...

Synth glory

I've been playing about (reading manuals too hard) in

Haiku Reply

I built a twitter bot that replie">Reaktor building a CPU hungry addditive mega-synth with a host of random per key options that make it sound really warm and lovely.

I'll share it when it's ready as well as some samples. I've also been looking at google's NSynth and have some fun sounds/ideas happening.

Complete Projects

Treasury game

I really enjoy thinking about tax. I've built an applet that allows you to try out different tax rates on the UK population. Building it helped me understand the current system much better, my thoughts and suggestions for improvement can be found here.

Haiku Reply

I built a twitter bot that replies with a Haiku to any comment thrown at it. Unfortunately Elon appears to have stopped it working, which is annoying...


If you haven't played Wordle yet, I suggest you get on it, it's a great little game. I'm currently working on finding the optimum solution, you can view my progress here. I've also worked out some Wordle tips and tricks.

Flask, Heroku and AWS

I've rebuilt this site using Flask, Heroku and AWS. Why is this exciting? It means In the future I'll be able to put up all sorts of live updating nonsense. Watch this space...


1940s Superman cartoons are out of copyright. I edited this one down, then completely rewrote the music and remade the effects to increase realism. All that's left is the original dialogue.

Soul Witch

Soul Witch is an online choose your own adventure story/text game I wrote to tie in with the single from my band Light Emitting Dinosaurs. Read it, and if you get to the end there's a prize.

I also had a lot of fun making the video in Dreams.

Note Randomizer

Logic Pro X has a MIDI randomizer function, but it changes the random value every time you hit a note. Sometimes it's more helpful to keep the same random value each time you play a note, so for example the same random value is given every time you play middle C. This can give the impression of the same odd key being pressed for example.

I built a function in its MIDI scripter language (basically Javascript) that does this for you. Grab it for your projects if it would be helpful.

Social Quiztancing

While we were in lockdown, I made the most over-teched quiz with my wife. I used a combination of Python (mostly Pandas and Bokeh), PHP, OBS and a very old copy of Final Cut Pro, to have as many ridiculous features as possible, including Pointless and Race rounds.

Social Quiztancing was live on YouTube every Monday night at 18:00, open to all, and featured live graphs like this:

quiz graph
The White Beyond the Wall
White Beyond the Wall

My novel for teens is available on your Kindle and you can listen to the first few chapters as a podcast.

Twins, Jacob and Aron, can turn into a dolphin and an owl. They live in C’Wall, the closest point to the Wall, a thousand foot high upside down waterfall out at sea. They sit the exam for a competitive place at University for the Intentioned, both fretting that their powers are useless in real life. When only Aron gets in, Jacob makes a snap decision to switch their names and steal his brother's place.

The swap forces them to experience life from opposite sides of the class divide. Aron heads to an educational commune in Brixton, but does it have a darker purpose? Should Aron bring down the Wall, or does that make him a terrorist? And how far will Jacob go to stop him?